Mystery Short Stories

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Elijah White

The Mysterious Disappearance of Robert: A Hero's Sacrifice

  • A blacksmith's vanishing leads to a cryptic message, revealing his secret life and ultimate sacrifice.
Chloe Richardson

The Mystery of Red Brick Manor

  • Port Fable's enigma: a mysterious mansion, spectral sailors, and a grand lighthouse lens.
Savannah Grant

The Haunted Manor

  • Detective James Black unravels the chilling secrets of an old abandoned manor haunted by restless spirits.
Isabella Perry

The Forgotten Secrets of the Mansion

  • Detective John Harrison uncovers hidden treasure and forgotten history in a mysterious mansion.
Chloe Richardson

The Case of the Missing Heart

  • Renowned detective Sherlock Hound solves the mystery of a stolen jewel with his unparalleled deduction skills.
Sophia Phillips

The Case of the Missing Husband

  • Detective Sarah solves a complex case involving a missing husband, a construction project, and a dangerous criminal organization.
Logan Johnson

The Kidnapping Case

  • Detective Thomas cracks puzzling kidnapping case with determination and intuition.
Aidan Ellis

The Dark and Stormy Murder

  • Detective James solves a complex murder case in an old abandoned mansion, but at a terrible cost.
Emma Anderson

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Necklace

  • A prized necklace is stolen and a private detective uncovers the culprit, causing a moral dilemma.
Olivia Ross

The Mysterious Disappearance

  • Small town businessman disappears without a trace until a year later when discovered alive in a cabin.
Savannah Grant

The Mysterious Disappearance of Mr. Johnson

  • Detective investigates wealthy oil trader's disappearance and uncovers a hitman hired by a competitor.