Kids Short Stories

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Mia Lopez

Elara and the Crystal of Dreams

  • A young girl hears the tale of Milo's quest for the Crystal of Dreams.
Jake Campbell

Benjamin and the Dragon: A Tale of Kindness

  • Benjamin embarks on an adventure to free a dragon, embracing bravery and kindness.
Tyler Rogers

Elara and the Starlit Spring

  • A young girl embarks on a daring journey to restore light to her village.
Logan Johnson

The Painter of Whispering Woods

  • A humble artist shares her enchanting paintings, kindling wonder and inspiration in the village.
Savannah Grant

Ethan and the Mystical Harp

  • A boy and a fairy save their world with courage, hope, and friendship.
Savannah Grant

The Friendship Festival

  • Ember, a dragon, befriends lonely Lila at the Friendship Festival and forms an unbreakable bond.
Austin Walker

The Beautiful Wish of Theodore Bear

  • Theodore embarks on a quest to grant Lila her wish to dance again.
Jake Campbell

The Brave Prince Ferdinand and the Misunderstood Dragon

  • A brave prince and his clever cat befriend a lonely dragon, teaching the power of kindness.
Logan Johnson

Elizabeth and the Hidden Treasure

  • A clever girl named Elizabeth discovers a hidden treasure chamber and learns a valuable lesson.
Tyler Rogers

Pogo the PuddleJumper: A Tale of Hope and Courage

  • Pogo uses his magical jumps to bring water to his drought-stricken town
Mason Lee

The Storyteller of Hummingbird Hill

  • A young boy named Toby discovers his own unique way of storytelling through painting.
Jon Cambodian

The Hidden Treasure of the Enchanted Forest

  • A curious boy named Jacob embarks on an adventure in search of a hidden treasure in the Enchanted Forest, only to discover that true treasure lies in kindness, harmony, and spreading joy.
Jon Cambodian

The Magical Moonstone

  • Lila's wish using a magical moonstone brings eternal spring and saves her village.
Brooklyn Boston

Miko and the Magic of His Rainbow Tail

  • Miko, a whimsical monkey, discovers the magic within his rainbow-colored tail, saving a drought-stricken jungle.
Mason Lee

Lila's Night in Sunnydale

  • A little girl in a kingdom of eternal sunshine wishes to experience the magic of night.
Austin Walker

Whittaker and the Land of Shiny Sorrows

  • Whittaker, a Bearion, embarks on a journey to retrieve the Golden Flower of Joy and transform his colorless home into a vibrant land of wisdom and strength.
Linda Williams

The Brave and Adventurous Mouse

  • A curious mouse named Milton embarks on a quest to find the legendary Golden Cheese, facing challenges and spreading kindness along the way.
Tyler Rogers

The Brave Boy Who Set a Dragon Free

  • Timmy, a boy with the ability to talk to animals, embarks on a magical adventure to free a dragon.

The Brave Teddies of Wistlewood

  • A community of teddies embark on a quest to find a lost blanket, discovering courage and kindness along the way.
Olivia Ross

The Book of Wonders

  • A curious girl discovers a magical book that spreads stories of kindness, bravery, and friendship.