Historical Fiction Short Stories

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Aidan Ellis

The Journey of Ivan's Boots

  • A humble shoemaker's boots carry the tsar across the treacherous Ural Mountains, becoming a legend.
Olivia Ross

Thomas Mundane: The Valorous Sailor

  • The courageous journey of Thomas Mundane, a sailor who faced adversity and returned triumphant.
Austin Walker

The Tapestry Weaver: Clarice's Tale

  • A gifted young girl weaves extraordinary tales, connecting history and fantasy in a tapestry of wonder.
Mason Lee

Selene: The Sage of Alexandria

  • A scholarly girl named Selene embarks on a voyage to find a long-lost temple and discovers ancient wisdom.
Nathaniel Martin

The Hidden Notebook

  • A young girl discovers her grandfather's hidden notebook and embarks on a journey to preserve its stories.
Jon Cambodian

The Lost City

  • In the heart of the Amazon, Captain Thomas Morgan embarks on a perilous quest to uncover the secrets of the mythical city of Cibola, rediscovering the indomitable human spirit.
Olivia Ross

The Forgotten Hero

  • A young girl discovers her great-grandfather's diary and embarks on a journey to honor his heroic sacrifices.
Michael Smith

Eliza's Grand Adventure

  • Young maiden Eliza disguises herself as a knight and emerges victorious in a tournament, defying expectations.
Sophia Phillips

Destined for a New Life

  • Mary perseveres to find her long-lost uncle in Manchester and is reunited with her family.
Savannah Grant

The Secret of the U-Boat

  • Bravery of Commander John Smith leads to discovery of German U-boat communication codes in WWII.
Olivia Ross

The Forgotten Queen

  • Story of Queen Dina, a fierce warrior, who lost sight of justice and power resulting in her exile
Savannah Grant

The Secret Meeting

  • Journalist overhears rebel plot to overthrow the King and Queen in 17th century London.
Hannah King

The Lost Treasure of Queen Elizabeth

  • Adventure seekers find treasure and friendship with help from Queen Elizabeth