Historical Fiction Short Stories

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Jake Campbell

The Sword of Light

  • A humble blacksmith's son becomes the Defender of the Realm in a kingdom plagued by rebellion.

Valerius: A Gladiator's Tale

  • A story of love, betrayal, and triumph in ancient Rome's Colosseum
Elijah White

Eleanor of the Highlands

  • Epic of a Scottish lass who changed her clan's fate amidst rebellion and war

The Jewel of the Nile

  • A tale of love, intrigue, and divine intervention set in ancient Egypt
Olivia Ross

The Mariner and the Kraken

  • An ancient crone spins a tale of courage, treasure, and the defeat of a sea monster.
Abigail Fisher

The Moonlit Sword

  • Lady Elswyth and Alaric quest for a legendary sword to free his people from a tyrant.
Isabella Perry

The Tale of Sir Alasdair MacColl and Lady Ealasaid

  • A knight's quest to protect Scotland's destiny and the love that defied treachery.
Sophia Phillips

Prince Mesu: The Resolute Savior

  • Orphaned prince saves Egypt from a prophesied famine through resilience, foresight, and unwavering determination.
Abigail Fisher

Thaddeus Quinn: The Cobbler Who Rebuilt a Lost City

  • A humble cobbler embarks on an adventurous journey guided by an old map to rebuild a forgotten civilization.
Elijah White

Valentina and the Silver Cavalier

  • A tale of love and courage as Valentina chooses true love over wealth and overcomes obstacles.
Chloe Richardson

Haroun: The Silk Merchant and the Cursed Necklace

  • A humble silk merchant embarks on a journey to save a princess from a cursed necklace.
Nathaniel Martin

Humphrey the Scourge of the West: The Power of the Quill

  • A forgotten hero uses his humble quill to stand against injustice and ignite rebellion.
Sophia Phillips

Aegisthus and Gabriel’s Trumpet

  • A man's epic journey to uncover a mystical treasure that brings harmony to a troubled town.
Mason Lee

The Wise Scholar: A Tale of Love and Wisdom

  • A gallant knight organizes a feast to find a suitor worthy of the princess's intellect and love.
Savannah Grant

The Power of Words: The Story of Daniel

  • A penniless storyteller's love for an aristocratic damsel transforms his destiny in Victorian London.
Isabella Perry

From Blacksmith's Son to Roman Soldier

  • Decimus, a blacksmith's son, fulfills destiny by crafting weapons and joining the emperor's guard.
Aidan Ellis

The Parable of the Phoenix

  • A forbidden romance between a rebellious princess and a Roman emissary endures through time.
Jake Campbell

The Resilient Spirit: The Tale of Madame Dupont

  • A French aristocrat defies societal norms and becomes a symbol of courage and resistance.
Elijah White

Zhao Li: The Fisherman's Son Who Touched the Skies

  • A humble fisherman's son rises to become the Emperor's advisor in an epic tournament in ancient China.
Isabella Perry

The Tale of Titus: A Gladiator's Choice

  • A gladiator named Titus defies the Roman Empire for love, choosing freedom over power.