Christian Short Stories

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Elijah White

Nahum and the Miracle of Sharing

  • Faith and sharing can turn 'less' into 'more than enough' as Nahum feeds a hungry town.
Elijah White

Faith in God's Wisdom

  • Abiram seeks wisdom from Eliakim to overcome trials and emerges with unwavering faith.
Jon Cambodian

Elijah: The Humble Carpenter of Bethsaida

  • A humble carpenter's unwavering faith and selfless love lead to miracles and become a beacon of hope.
Tyler Rogers

The Faith of Shepherd Daniel

  • In the ancient town of Bethlehem, shepherd Daniel's unwavering faith leads to the arrival of Jesus.
Olivia Ross

The Woodcutter's Faith: A Miracle in Middlebrook

  • A humble woodcutter's faith brings a blessing upon a drought-stricken village, teaching the power of faith and love.
Linda Williams

The Tale of Eli: A Story of Faith and Love

  • A humble shepherd's unwavering faith and acts of compassion inspire a wealthy man to change his ways.
Brooklyn Boston

Finding True Satisfaction in the Love of Christ

  • A skeptical man in the city of Galatia finds purpose and contentment through the teachings of Christ.
Michael Smith

The Silent Faith of John

  • A humble shepherd's unwavering faith leads to a miraculous rescue of his beloved sheep.
Tyler Rogers

The Tale of Lantern's Edge

  • A humble blacksmith guides his village to prosperity and peace through faith and love.
Jon Cambodian

The Light of Samuel

  • A humble baker's acts of kindness and servitude spread the light of God through the land.
Isabella Perry

The Humble Master Builder

  • A humble master builder's faith is tested when he welcomes a mysterious traveler who turns out to be an angel.
Brooklyn Boston

The Miracle of Joseph

  • A weary wanderer brings faith, miracles, and love to a humble village in need.
Olivia Ross

The Birth of Jesus Christ

  • A humble couple travels to Bethlehem, where Mary gives birth to a son in a stable, and shepherds witness the miracle and praise God.
Michael Smith

The Prodigal Son

  • A son squanders his inheritance and returns home to his forgiving father.
Jake Campbell

The Village's Faith and Legacy

  • A village's faith is tested when strangers offer a grand cathedral in exchange for loyalty and obedience.
Nathaniel Martin

A Life of Faith and Kindness

  • David's journey of faith and friendship after his best friend was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.