Suspense Short Stories

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Austin Walker

The Melancholy Sonata of Wraithwood

  • Lucy investigates the shadowy history of the Willard house, uncovering a tragic family secret.
Hannah King

Eleanor and the Whispering Hollow

  • Eleanor faces the mysterious whispers of the forest to become its Keeper.
Chloe Richardson

The Watcher by the Creek

  • Townsfolk fear an ominous figure but librarian Amanda Grayson must protect Fallwell with an ancient locket.
Olivia Ross

The Heir of Sorrows

  • Lily is summoned to the decrepit Hawthorne estate, facing an ancient malevolence seeking recompense.
Mason Lee

Whispers in the House on the Hill

  • Eleanor discovers secrets and sacrifices to become the savior of her lost town.

The Hawthorne Inheritance

  • Journalist Abigail unravels an enigmatic family's fate but unleashes a dark legacy.
Elijah White

The Tale of Hollingsworth Manor

  • Eccentric recluse helps woman break a curse in a storm of supernatural fury.
Nathaniel Martin

The Forbidden Woods

  • A daring teenager gets lost in a dark forest and encounters a terrifying beast.
Savannah Grant

The Enigma of Rauten Castle

  • An adventurous scholar uncovers the truth behind the disappearance of The Black Knight in Rauten Castle.
Jake Campbell

The Blackstone Manor: A Mysterious Tale Unfolds

  • An ancient city plagued by darkness. A haunted mansion conceals a chilling secret. Riddlemeire's fate hangs by a thread.
Olivia Ross

The Tale of Marcy, the Girl with the Ebony Hair

  • A chilling tale of a witch, her daughter, and the curse that haunts Shadeville.
Jon Cambodian

The House of Whispers

  • A tale of a cursed, haunted mansion and the chilling encounter with the spectral world.
Nathaniel Martin

Secrets of the Shadowy Mansion

  • Incessant rain sets the stage for a chilling exploration of a dilapidated mansion that holds hidden mysteries.

The Wraith's Manor

  • Jonah enters a haunted mansion and encounters paranormal phenomena, leaving the town with a chilling secret.
Jon Cambodian

The Shadows of Galemta

  • A stranger seeks to uncover a cursed treasure and liberate a medieval town from shadows.
Savannah Grant

Dark Secrets of the Haunted Mansion

  • Emily inherits a haunted mansion and uncovers dark family secrets through supernatural encounters.

The Chase: A Mysterious Encounter

  • Jake is pursued by a sinister stranger, finding refuge and help from an unexpected ally.
Brooklyn Boston

Emma's Quest for the Lost Key to the Enchanted Forest

  • Young adventurer Emma uncovers a mystical book, leading her on a perilous journey into the unknown.
Nathaniel Martin

The Haunted House

  • A skeptic investigates an abandoned house and encounters a ghostly apparition of Mary.
Michael Smith


  • Lost in the woods, Sally seeks help inside an eerie, abandoned home and encounters a mysterious voice.