Sad Short Stories

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Hannah King

The Potter and His Maiden

  • An undying love story of sacrifice, longing, and eternal affection.
Elijah White

The Healer's Daughter

  • Elara quests to save her mother and unleashes a journey of sacrifice and heartache.
Mason Lee

The Weaver's Legacy

  • Humble weaver creates tapestries of love, loss, and hope, leaving behind a cherished myth.
Austin Walker

Ellie's Echo

  • Ellie, a girl filled with sorrow and loss, searches for love among the stars.
Isabella Perry

The Weaving of Elior

  • A craftsman weaves tapestries brimming with life, love, and a final, enduring legacy.
Sophia Phillips

The Tale of Hazel

  • A cub named Sorrel embarks on a journey to unravel the mystery of his mother's demise.
Tyler Rogers

Johnathan Burton: The Tragic Love Story of a World-Renowned Violinist

  • A renowned violinist finds love and creates beautiful music, only to have it tragically ripped away.
Brooklyn Boston

The Storyteller's Promise

  • Eliza, the village storyteller, keeps her promise to her grandpa, but finds her own happiness missing.

The Cobbler's Love: Mending Hearts Through Shoes

  • A humble cobbler, Seamus O'Reilly, finds solace and strength in mending shoes and hearts after the loss of his beloved Caitlin.

The Village of the Perpetual Sorrow

  • A haunting tale of love and loss in the village of Hemlock Hollow.
Mason Lee

The Melancholy Queen: A Tale of Sadness and Lost Hope

  • A queen's tragic life and the kingdom's despair, entangled in a prophecy and bound by sorrow.
Elijah White

Eben's Eternal Love

  • A tale of a man's deep love and profound grief, finding eternal peace with his beloved.
Aidan Ellis

The Last Dance

  • Elderly couple's love endures as they dance one last time and even after death.
Jon Cambodian

Knight Garrett and Queen Isolde: A Tale of Unconfessed Love and Tragic Loss

  • A knight and a queen silently love each other but are separated by war and tragedy.
Chloe Richardson

The Tale of the Lost Sparrow

  • A heartwarming tale of loss, acceptance, and healing in a village filled with love and unity
Mia Lopez

Eldora: A Tale of Resilience and Liberation

  • A lonely woman with the ability to see into souls finds her own path to happiness.
Logan Johnson

Lilly's Melody

  • Lilly, once known for her singing, faces tragedy but finds solace in a wooden flute.
Austin Walker

A Father's Kite: Love, Loss, and Lifelong Longing

  • A cobbler's longing for his son is met with hope and grief in a tale of love.
Abigail Fisher

The Tragic Tale of Isabella and Lorenzo

  • A beautiful and somber young woman mourns the loss of her beloved in a tragic love story.
Hannah King

Rosanna: The Unbroken Lily of Kertzfeld

  • A tale of resilience and heartache, as Rosanna finds beauty and love amidst darkness in Kertzfeld.