Fantasy Short Stories

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Linda Williams

Aerilyn and the Dragon: A Tale of Courage and Destiny

  • A maiden battles a dragon and saves her kingdom with courage and magic.
Isabella Perry

The Tale of Emberglow, Silverspring, and Evervest

  • Three ancient kingdoms unite to fulfill a prophecy and restore balance to their realms.
Jake Campbell

The Savior of Lucerna

  • A prophecy foretold the birth of Anara, a child who would save the kingdom of Lucerna from darkness and bring unity and peace.
Chloe Richardson

Lyria's Choice

  • A gentle sorceress's magic is tested when she is deceived by a power-hungry king.

The Tale of Ivoria's Princess Edelweiss

  • A princess defies a doomed prophecy with the help of love and friendship in a magical kingdom.
Mason Lee

Eldrin's Saga: A Tale of Courage and Identity

  • A young orphan, Eldrin, becomes a hero by defeating a legendary beast, but still yearns for answers and a sense of belonging.
Linda Williams

The Tale of Kaelen and the Eternal Winter

  • Kaelen, a humble baker's son, discovers his royal blood and wields a legendary sword to save his kingdom from an eternal winter.
Hannah King

The Daring Little Girl and Her Misunderstood Dragon

  • A heartwarming tale of love, understanding, and courage that brings peace and unity to a kingdom.
Chloe Richardson

The Flower of Shimmerstone

  • In a world of magic, Brom battles a sorcerer to protect the Flower of Shimmerstone and restore light to the realm.
Elijah White

Fenric the Fair: A Tale of Valor and Magic

  • Join Fenric the Fair on a courageous journey to tame an unbeatable dragon and save his realm.
Brooklyn Boston

The Queen of Fiorina: A Saga of Courage and Endurance

  • In the magical kingdom of Fiorina, Queen Marcella faces a monstrous nightmare with bravery and divine magic.
Olivia Ross

Ella's Journey: Guardian of the Crystals

  • Young orphan Ella embarks on a perilous adventure to find the fabled Crystal Caverns and discovers the power of love and compassion.
Sophia Phillips

Lila in the Dream Realm

  • Young fairy Lila discovers a magical book and is transported to the Dream Realm, where she saves it from a dark force.
Mia Lopez

Aria the Sorceress

  • Lucas embarks on a journey with Aria, a powerful sorceress, to retrieve a stolen artifact.

Short stories can we find under Fantasy

Fantasy is a genre of fiction that explores the unknown, time travel and fantastic creatures such as elves, orcs and dragons. From books to television series, this theme has been used continually over many centuries. In literature, fantasy is often set in an alternate world or universe distinct from our own; however it can also be found within familiar settings such as schools and other places we know.

Short stories are perfect for exploring these fantastical elements as they provide brief glimpses into this strange new realm without being overwritten with lengthy description or dialogue. They offer a way to readers to experience these “what if” situations without committing too much time into a single story - perfect for the busy reader looking for entertainment on the go! From tales of talking animals to spellbinding wizards; there's something here to draw any fan of fantasy in completely.

In Fantasy Short Stories you may find some humorous moments where characters struggle against impossible odds with unlikely results, dark tales sketched out by powerful villains trying their best to become gods while good must triumph over evil via heroic deeds and courage also feature prominently. Magic plays an important role here too - invoking magical spells which create extraordinary scenarios full of hilarious episodes that characterizes each tale like no other genre can do! Some stories even take us into darker realms where consequences for certain actions are far worse than life imprisonment! Stepping through the doorway between worlds allows one access beyond what mundane life offers… keep going forward until you discover your own personal dreamland... Come explore Fantasy Short Stories today :-)