Adventure Short Stories

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Mia Lopez

The Brave Dragon Keeper of Orlenthia

  • A young lad embarks on a courageous adventure to tame the legendary Skyrath Dragon.
Nathaniel Martin

The Legend of the Sapphire Sword

  • Tharan embarks on a quest to find the Sapphire Sword and defeat the Dread Sorcerer Garroth.
Nathaniel Martin

The Chronicles of the Forgotten Kingdom

  • A story of brave warriors and sly wizards reclaiming their lost homeland from a malevolent sorcerer.
Mia Lopez

Eliot's Journey to the Kingdom of Gold

  • Young lad embarks on perilous journey through mountains, marshes, and oceans to find legendary treasure.
Savannah Grant

Calvin's Quest for Freedom

  • A young lad named Calvin embarks on a perilous journey to free a dragon and claim a sacred chalice.
Isabella Perry

The Hero of Aeon

  • Ethan, an apprentice blacksmith, embarks on a courageous journey to save the world from impending doom.
Linda Williams

The Tale of Rowan and Elara

  • Two friends embark on a perilous journey to save their realm from darkness and alter destiny.
Michael Smith

The Quest of the Crystal Phoenix

  • King Eldrick seeks the Crystal Phoenix to save his kingdom from a curse, through the sacrifice of Sir Darrion.
Isabella Perry

Eamon and the Fallen City of Olandra

  • A boy named Eamon discovers a mysterious stone and embarks on a quest to revive a forgotten city.
Elijah White

Boldrik's Triumph

  • Young adventurer Boldrik conquers the ominous Obsidian Spire and claims an ancient treasure.
Abigail Fisher

Captain Carruthers and the Legend of Elysium's Eye

  • A tale of adventure as Captain Carruthers embarks on a quest to uncover the legendary treasure of Jumanji.
Isabella Perry

The Tale of Rodrick and the Stolen Jewel

  • A young scribe's apprentice becomes a brave hero on a quest to retrieve a stolen jewel.
Austin Walker

The Adventure of Ianthe

  • A young knight embarks on a perilous quest to uncover the secrets of the Heart of Zolenthia.
Chloe Richardson

The Legend of Princess Evelina

  • A timid princess embarks on an adventure and discovers her latent bravery, bringing prosperity to her kingdom.
Linda Williams

The Legend of Tobias and the Azure Stone

  • A common lad, Tobias, embarks on a grand adventure to find the legendary Azure Stone.
Brooklyn Boston

The Legend of the Minstrel's Heartstone

  • A young vagabond named Solomon embarks on a perilous quest to seek the mystical Heartstone.
Jon Cambodian

Emily the Fearless: Unraveling the Mysteries

  • Young adventurer Emily discovers a silver key that leads her on an extraordinary journey filled with danger, bravery, and self-discovery.
Savannah Grant

The Mystery of the Lost Treasure

  • Three adventurers and Indiana Jones unite to find and fight for the treasure of the Aztecs.