Saving Butterflies

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Saving Butterflies
Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lily who loved butterflies. She would spend hours in her garden observing them as they fluttered around the flowers. One day, she noticed that there weren't as many butterflies as there used to be. She was worried.

Lily asked her mom why there weren't as many butterflies as before. Her mom explained that butterflies were becoming extinct because of the use of pesticides. Lily was determined to help save the butterflies.

She decided to create a butterfly garden in her backyard. She researched and learned about what types of plants would attract them. She also learned that butterflies like to eat fruit, so she placed some cut up fruit on a plate in her garden.

Soon enough, Lily's garden was filled with many different butterflies. She was happy that she was able to help in her own little way.

One day, while she was in her garden, she noticed a Monarch butterfly that was struggling to fly. She picked up the butterfly gently and noticed that its wing was injured.

Lily knew that the butterfly needed help, so she ran to her mom. Her mom suggested that they take the butterfly to the local nature center.

At the nature center, the staff was delighted to see such a beautiful butterfly. They took the Monarch and promised to take great care of it.

Lily was proud of herself for helping and realized that even small actions could make a big difference.

From that day forward, Lily continued to tend to her garden, and it became a haven for all the butterflies in her neighborhood. She learned that when we take care of our planet, we take care of the creatures that live in it, too.

The end.