Contemporary Short Stories

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Chloe Richardson

The Tale of Two Dreams

  • Mirabelle and Bennett combine their worlds to create a virtual library and chase their dreams.
Olivia Ross

The Blackbird's Prophecy

  • A painter's journey from skepticism to belief, as a blackbird drawing foretells a city's rebirth.
Mason Lee

The Tale of Cuppa Chatter

  • A curious tale unfolds in a small café, as a CEO finds solace and understanding in the words of an artist.

The Power of Art

  • A young girl's passion for art saves her town from being demolished.
Olivia Ross

Olivia's Odyssey: Uncovering Authenticity Through 837 Stories

  • Olivia embarks on a journey to connect with her Instagram followers, discovering the raw reality behind their filtered lives.
Aidan Ellis

The Awakening: A Tale of Enlightenment

  • A high school teacher's journey of discovery and enlightenment through the Eye of Enlightenment artifact.
Tyler Rogers

The Hidden Artist

  • Elijah, a secret artist, unveils his talent when a gallery owner discovers his hidden sketches.
Aidan Ellis

The Storyman's Sanctuary

  • Sol, a humble librarian, discovers the profound stories hidden within the books he cares for.
Jake Campbell

The Artbot: Merging Technology and Art

  • Evelyn, a kind-hearted engineer, creates the first-ever 'Artbot' to encourage creativity and inspire the world.
Sophia Phillips

The Transformation of Emily Hayes

  • A talented dancer learns to dance with her heart and transform her performances.
Isabella Perry

Emily's Journey: From Dreamer to Renowned Artist

  • Emily fulfills her dream of showcasing her artwork in a prestigious gallery, launching her successful career
Savannah Grant

Timeless Tales: A Journey to Finding One's Purpose

  • Joe discovers a cozy bookstore and becomes a writer, finding his purpose in life.

Short stories can we find under Contemporary

The category of contemporary short stories is one that represents the present time and explores current issues, ideas, and themes. These stories are often set in the world we live in today and depict a range of emotions, problems, and experiences faced by people around us.

Contemporary short stories capture the essence of our current society which may include topics such as diversity, inclusion, technology advancements or political discourse; highlighting how these concepts shape human decision-making. They offer an insight into what it feels like to be alive right now with all its complexities.

One unique feature of contemporary short stories is they provide readers with fresh perspectives on societal norms that are currently undergoing changes. Authors tend to get creative when presenting their narratives – incorporating new mediums such as social media posts or tweets within the story's structure - they give life-like images making them more relatable to their audience while adding dimensionality.

In terms of character development in this genre fragmented characters have become very common place telling interconnected heterogenous tales from overlapping communities; where previously untold perspectives come alive through narrative realism and create vivid imagery that can evoke deep connections between reader & protagonist bridging aspects such differences in cultures based on gender or race.

Overall contemporary short stories hold vast potential for authors looking to explore different expressions both within themselves & creatively whilst providing socially relevant reading material for those seeking fresh takes on complex subjects.Therefore It is no wonder why shorts continue growing popular year-on-year given whats at stake ,the great human experience captured uniquely through fiction has always been treasured but even more so with globalised populations idealising fast yet meaningful moments amidst seemingly endless chaotic lifestyles .